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Samaschool's freelance training is designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of low-income learners and rapidly upskill them to succeed as independent workers.

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Why freelance training?

People are turning to independent work to quickly generate supplemental income, advance their careers, and create the lifestyle they desire.

We ensure that job-seekers are prepared for the changing job market by providing the knowledge necessary to compete in today’s economy.


Trainees acquire invaluable skills, like how to find freelance work, stay safe, and provide great customer service.


Samaschool gives trainees confidence to get started — 88% report feeling prepared to find and complete independent work.


On average, Samaschool alumni who go on to work in the gig economy earn $1,800 a month from independent work.

About Samaschool

Samaschool provides freelance training courses that easily integrate into existing nonprofit, higher education, and public workforce development programming.


Freelance Curriculum


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Our industry-leading curriculum is designed to equip low-income populations with essential freelance skills.

What People Say

Janine Cowan

Program Director 


“I see the students benefiting from the training every day. Being aware of the opportunities and pitfalls of the gig economy helps them navigate and take advantage of this valuable resource.”

Leo Sosa

Founder & CEO


“Samaschool cares about my students the way I do. Gaining the tools to navigate the gig economy really benefits young people that aren’t ready yet for a job in the tech industry, but need to find a way to gain experience in the field.”


Samaschool Alumna

New York City

“Samaschool taught me that the sky is the limit. I am not limited by how I can produce an income for myself. I have many skills that I never even thought about using before.”


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