Training programs for successful freelancing

Our freelance training is designed to equip your trainees with the core skills needed to succeed as a freelancer, and leverage independent work to achieve their career goals. 


Partnerships are in our DNA

Samaschool offers the first and only independent work readiness training program on essential skills that integrates seamlessly with your existing training programs.


Our adaptable delivery approach can integrate into a wide range of program models.


We carefully track outcomes and provides partners with regular impact reports and updates.

Dedicated Support

Our staff provides ongoing support to ensure positive outcomes for both trainees and staff.

Our freelancer curriculum

Samaschool's curriculum equips people with the essential skills they need to succeed as freelancers.

Trainees are guided through the process of selecting a work category, perfecting their personal brand, providing great customer service, and managing life as a "business of one".

What students learn:


Intro to Freelancing

Learn what it means to be a freelancer, and whether freelancing is a good fit for you.


Preparing to Freelance

Hit the ground running with a great personal brand and thorough understanding of how to secure work.


Succeeding on the Job

Provide great customer service, manage your time, and stay safe while on the job.


Managing Life as a Freelancer

Manage your "business of one" by creating solid contracts, doing your taxes, and setting effective goals.

Freelancer vs. Employee

Explore the differences between freelancing and conventional employment.

Pros & Cons

Explore the benefits and drawbacks to freelancing to decide if it's a good fit for you.

Work Category Selection

Explore different freelancing work categories and select one that fits your needs.

Wrap-around resources & support

Samaschool offers a comprehensive training experience designed to help trainees overcome common hurdles and chart a path to success.


Custom tools help trainees find work, express their personal brands, and write winning proposals.


Our online alumni community allows trainees to interact with each other and our instructors.


All students get our weekly newsletter filled with tools, tips, and student success stories.

Flexible delivery options tailored to your organization

We'll work with you to understand your community and develop a custom program plan that best meets members' needs. Delivery options include:

On-Site Training

A Samaschool instructor will provide on-site classroom instruction integrated into your existing programming.

Online Course

A self-paced online course that trainees can complete remotely, or facilitated by on-site by your staff.

Virtual Classroom

A Samaschool instructor will deliver an interactive webinar-based course available from any location.

What Students Say


New York City

“Samaschool taught me to be strategic about freelancing. To really look at the skills and connections I have and utilize them. The opportunity is there, you might just not know about it yet.”  


Oakland, CA

“Gig work gives me exposure to lots of different tasks. I’m now able to land jobs I wasn’t able to get before because of lack of experience. I can pick jobs to get me where I want to be in my career.” 


New York City

“Samaschool taught me to be paid what I was worth, and asking for it. It’s something I’ve long struggled with, but I’ve learned to be confident in my skills and expertise. Now, my aspirations and goals are attainable, independently.”

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