Impact & reports

Samaschool carefully tracks and measures our impact.


We regularly publish our findings to help our stakeholders better understand emerging trends in the gig economy. 

Why independent work?

Independent work can provide greater flexibility and accessibility than conventional full-time employment.


Many low-income job seekers use freelancing to generate supplemental income, advance their careers, and create the lifestyle they desire.


Freelancers develop occupational and soft skills by working for real clients.


Freelancers can create a flexible work schedule that accommodates their other priorities.


Freelancers build their resumes by accumulating a portfolio of successful projects.


Freelancers can build confidence by successfully completing paid projects.


Freelancers can earn supplemental income to improve their financial security.


Freelancers build their professional networks by working for a wide range of clients.

Meet our alumni

Samaschool has trained thousands of people to succeed as freelancers and leverage independent work to achieve their long-term career goals. 


New York City

"It was so much easier than expected! I have a full-time job, but continue to do gigs within the mile radius and times I choose, and focus on things I want to get better at."


San Francisco

“I truly am happy and amazed that I've been able to do this work successfully for 10 months now...Samaschool put the idea in my head and gave me the tools to make it happen."


New York City

“Samaschool taught me to be strategic about freelancing. To really look at the skills and connections I have and utilize them. The opportunity is there, you might just not know about it yet.”  



“Gig work gives me exposure to lots of different tasks. I’m now able to land jobs I wasn’t able to get before because of lack of experience. I can pick jobs to get me where I want to be in my career.” 


New York City

“Samaschool taught me to be paid what I was worth, and asking for it. It’s something I’ve long struggled with, but I’ve learned to be confident in my skills and expertise. Now, my aspirations and goals are attainable, independently.”


San Jose

“I’m very thankful for Samaschool, because now I am the one choosing the gigs, the employers, and the times I can work—which is incredibly important as a single parent.”  



U.S.-based Samaschool trainees that engage in independent work report earning an average of $21 per hour and $9,000 over the course of 5 months.

Skills development

Samaschool trainees report improvements across a number of skill categories essential to independent work and transferrable to conventional employment.

Reports & White Papers

Samaschool publishes our data in annual and quarterly reports, as well as more in-depth white papers. Check out our blog for additional analysis and commentary on our findings. 

Part I: A Primer on Independent Work


A comprehensive literature review of recent studies on the gig economy and gig workers.

Part II: How Low-Income Jobseekers Use Independent Work


A deep dive into learning from our 2017 alumni survey.

Part III: A Policy Agenda


Samaschool's policy recommendations at the federal, state, and local levels to prepare for the rise of freelancing in the U.S.

White Papers

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